I’m Writing Here. For You. And For Me.

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I used to say “I don’t write on any schedule, but if I haven’t posted in two weeks, assume something is wrong.” Well, it’s been almost five months since I last published on Medium, so does that mean something’s wrong? Yes and no.

Why do I write? Normally it’s either because I believe I’ve figured something out that might help others or I’m wrestling with an idea or problem that I figure someone out there can help me with. 2020 has kinda messed with my radar on those fronts. But I’m seeking to get back into my groove and I do believe I’ve got a lot to share. And some questions to ask.

What should you expect here? Well, I work in technology so you’ll get that stuff. I’m also a husband, a dad, a pet owner, an unashamed fan of 1980s pro wrestling, a New Yorker with 20+ years of San Francisco life recorded, a white male, a social progressive, a coffee drinker and so on. Basically expect my Twitter account, just longer than 280 characters. And I’m looking forward to our friendship.

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