• Martin Gude

    Martin Gude

    UX Strategist. Product Manager. Mobile Addict. Vinyl Rocker. Liberal. Traveller. Hype Junkie. Civil Rights. 'Straya. Coffee. FC St. Pauli. Collingwood FC.

  • Marco Lonzetti

    Marco Lonzetti

  • Theresa Smith

    Theresa Smith

    I have some blogs, have written some books and dabble in ecommerce. The ultimate goal is to help people. One blog is here: http://hintsandtipsblog.com

  • Mariana Proença

    Mariana Proença

    UX Designer | User Experience

  • Jim Sagar

    Jim Sagar

    Founder & CEO of Rehinged https://rehinged.ai • Co-founder Qlutch https://www.qlutch.com & Marketing MO http://www.marketingmo.com

  • Idan


    Tech-Addict, Meat lover, Apple fan& All-Mountain Biker.

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