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We Wrote These For Our Portfolio Founders But Want Everyone To Have Them

Hunter Walk
1 min readJul 8, 2022

When we started our venture fund Homebrew one of our goals was to help grow the startup pie, so to speak, not just get our slice. Writing up what we consider ‘best practices’ and sharing with the broader founder community is an attempt to live these values.

Thanks to our Beth Scheer, our Head of Talent, and the folks over at Coda (a portfolio company that’s evolved what docs can do), we’ve updated and reformatted these 50+ guides including topics such as:

How to Evaluate a Resume

Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation and Bullying

Best Practices for Remote Hiring

We’ll continue to write new guides, and update the current ones, based on your interest and feedback. You can always find us on twitter @homebrew and our individual emails are on the Homebrew website.



Hunter Walk

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