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2016’s Best Startup Podcast Was….

While allowing that the next 16 days might produce a podcast which blows my mind, I’m ready to pick my favorite startup podcast of the year.

What’s Love Got To Do With It brought three longtime friends together — Jerry Colonna, Fred Wilson and Brad Feld. What’s great about the interplay between the trio is they’ve all worked together in different contexts over a 20+ year period, so there’s no bullshit. Also, while feeling they are very familiar with one another, they don’t hold static views of who they are. Jerry, Fred and Brad know they have evolved as individuals over their time together and will continue growing and changing.

The discussion itself revolves around being a supportive investor and venture partnership, especially guiding principles and board dynamics. You really should listen to the hour but here are some choice quotes:

…and one exchange I especially loved

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Thanks Jerry, Brad and Fred for giving back to the tech community and being so generous with me and Satya ongoing.

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