Why Their Multibillion Dollar Outcome Flipped The Script

Why VCs Are Always ‘Very Excited’ About Your Progress But That Doesn’t Mean Anything Until They Make an Offer

Even experienced founders get ‘happy ears,’ not just first time founders

Things to Remember As You and Your Friends Get Wealthy

I Made These Mistakes A Few Times But You Don’t Need To

What I Learned From Working On Conan’s Season #2 and My Own Fears

Why Ken Norton’s Dual Product Management Career Path Can Also Encourage Innovation At Scale

It’s weird to try and help fund people who are going to compete with me, right? Well, I couldn’t be more excited to do just this.

The 10 initial Screendoor Venture Advisors

Why I Initially Misunderstood Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman’s Comments But Still Find Them Disappointing

Why my advice from 2014 is even more true now

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

Hunter Walk

You’ll find me @homebrew , Seed Stage Venture Fund w @satyap . Previously made products at YouTube, Google & SecondLife. Married to @cbarlerin .

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